An Event Apart, Day One

I plan to be blogging all day from An Event Apart in Boston. Check back to this post for a master list of all the day one presentation posts (each session will also have its own post as well...this is moreso just a table of contents). Here is the line up for today:
Understanding Web Design (Jeffrey Zeldman) »
The Lessons of CSS Frameworks (Eric Meyer) »
Good Design Ain't Easy (Jason Santa Maria) »
Web Application Hierarchy (Luke Wroblewski) »
Design to Scale (Doug Bowman) »
When Style is the Idea (Christopher Fahey) »
The Scent of a Web Page: Five Types of Navigation Pages (Jared Spool) »
Responsible Web Design (Scott Fegette) »

In the meantime, here are some pictures I took in Boston when I arrived yesterday: